CEO Teppei Morita

CEO Teppei Morita

Corporate message

PARTNERS is a company built on co-creation of manufacturing with various people and partnerships with those who are involved with PARTNERS.
With the corporate attitude of “create smiles, create things, and create together,” we continue to work on manufacturing with everyone with enthusiasm.
In our core business of B2B manufacturing, we are committed to achieving differentiated, original planning, high quality, and low cost. Without resting on our customers' good reputation, we will continue to strive for more customer-oriented manufacturing and do our utmost to contribute more to customers who have placed their trust in us for a long time, and to always be nominated by them.
In the manufacturing business for the elderly, we have newly developed a talking stuffed dog “Shibainu Kota” from the series of stuffed dolls that talk in the voice of a real child. This has allowed us to develop a new pet market for the elderly in addition to our communication product business for the elderly.
As we enter the super-aging society, we are already developing new products while accumulating marketing knowledge in the manufacturing market for the elderly. We look forward to your continued support.
PARTNERS excels at turning various plans and good ideas into products, and we will continue to produce more and more good products in the future. We will continue to take on challenges with high aspirations to become a valuable company by making full use of our human resources, manufacturing, and ideas.


Planning and Production of Promotion and Sales Products

We plan 650 kinds of sales promotion products per year and produce more than 100 million products per year, mainly in Japan. For example, products we produce are used as kids' meal toys in restaurants. We also produce products for sale, and our products are used as souvenirs at amusement parks. Our products have been well received by our customers.

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Toy product development and production

Over the past 20 years, we have developed and marketed various products. Currently, we sell two brands: “MeowEver”, a cat-shaped cushion, and “おしゃべりパートナーシリーズ”, a series of talking stuffed dolls.

Stuffed dolls


“MeowEver” - Cushions that look like cats

MeowEver, made from eco-fur, is a soft cushion that looks like a real cat, so you can have your own pseudo-pet. It has a warming gel pack inside that reproduces the warmth of a real cat, as well as a special function that purrs when you stroke it! You can feel relaxed and relieved just as you would if you were to spend time with a real cat. MeowEver has been available in Japan for the past year and a half, and in that time, it has sold over 12,000 units. For people that can’t have a pet due to housing issues, or allergies, or that just want a healing item for daily use, this product has been a huge success, with many people being extremely happy with their MeowEver.


“おしゃべりパートナーシリーズ”- a brand of talking stuffed dolls

The talking stuffed dolls are designed for the Japanese market and can speak in Japanese. The dolls have real children's voices, so you can feel like you are talking to a small child. They can also sing songs. We have made sure that the dolls have cute expressions and are very soft to touch. We developed these dolls as communication products for the elderly. We launched our first product in 2004 and have been improving it ever since, selling a total of over 200,000 units over the past 20 years. Currently, There are four types of stuffed dolls available.

Oshaberi Michan
Smile Kenchan
Shibainu Kota
Mikeneko Mimiko

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Company name Partners Inc.
Head Office
Nishi-shinjuku Muromachi Bldg, 1-20-2, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023 JAPAN
Representative Teppei Morita
Established September 1991
Subsidiary Companies

■SHANGHAI office
D-303, MingGu High-Tech Park NO.7001 Zhongchun Road. Shanghai, China Zip:201101

■DONGGUAN office
Rm1101, No.3 Building Third Stage The First International, No.200 Hongfu Road, Nancheng
Dist. Dongguan City, Guangdong, China Zip:523100

■Flat Work Base Inc.
711 Shimane, Nishi-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama, 331-0054 JAPAN

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Address Nishi-shinjuku Muromachi Bldg, 1-20-2, Nishi-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023 JAPAN


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